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The years of our innocence

“Greece has its own Brigitte Bardot! An absolutely lovely ingénue, who made her way on Stage and TV as well, and became the number one star for Greek fans, the biggest star on our business show. But does she deserve that? I think yes! One can ruthless say that the cute actress who captured so fast her fans, is exactly what was missing. We do have leading actresses in drama, we do have great tragedians and we don’t miss tears when we go for a night out! Greek cinema is especially ‘dipped’ in tears…
But we are in desperate need of some light! And her smile came to give it to us! A cheerful smile, smart one, full of brio and sparkle! So much youth on stage and on cinema screen.
I went to see her the other day on cinema and I could not get enough of her! It is exquisite how this fresh ‘Mousitsa’ fills the cinema with joy!”
(March 20th 1959, Chr. Κ. Hairopoulos)


“Don’t you ever say something bad for Aliki because she is the woman who represents the years of our innocence”.
(Manos Chatzidakis)

“How on earth this girl manages to keep such a warm contact with the audience?”
(Dimitris Horn, actor)

“It is difficult to define the notion of what we call ‘talent’ and how this is detected. Whatever the meaning of this fateful word, its content can surely be justified, on a practical level, by Aliki Vougiouklaki herself”.
(Tasos Lignadis, Critic)

“I believe that Aliki has many qualities that have not been yet unfolded, qualities that critics, disparagers and even the audience have not yet even suspected of. Let’s hope that we will have the chance to enjoy Aliki in her full artistic potential”.
(Filopoimin Finos, Film Director – “Finos Film”)


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