The remarkable Aliki

“Two days ago, pupils of Amarousion’s high school held a performance of the patriotic drama O Horos tou Zalogou, in the summer theater called ‘Diana’. All students performed adequately well their parts; a girl called Alliki Vougiouklaki gave life to her part as Froso, especially well…”
(The first critic that was ever written for her, from a newspaper in 1950)


“Two last words about the first appearance of the young Aliki Vougiouklaki. She played Moliere’s beloved with all the freshness and the allure of her age. She has a real future on this”.
(Menelaos Loudemis for the play O Kata Fantasian Asthenis)


“Miss Aliki Vougiouklaki plays her short but cute part as a real little devil”.
(St. Spiliotopoulos for the play O Kata Fantasian Asthenis)


“Miss Aliki Vougiuklaki, with her most fresh appearance, gave last night a promise to the audience on her acting future, which we do have every right to believe in”.
“Leon Koukoulas, for the play O Kata Fantasian Asthenis)


“Each time Aliki Vougiouklaki was on stage with all that freshness and vigor, and shared with all the audience all that joy, I was wondering if this is a new Kyveli!”
(M. P. Perifanakis for Fouskothalassies)


“(…) In any case this is a film with marvelous night sequences, well taken care of, smartly put, the extravagancies of which are so well placed so as to have the greatest effect on the vast audience. From the actors young Aliki Vougiouklaki seems to have a nice performance”.
(Athinaiki, M. Peranthis, for the film Pontikaki)


Pontikaki is a nice film, in which sentiments are interwoven with the film noir… Aliki Vougiouklaki and Giorgos Lefteriotis support their parts in a truly way…”
“Newspaper Apogeumiti”


“Someone could think that all the fuss was about Mrs Katina Paxinou quitting theatre. But it was not! Pages and pages of newspapers were stuffed with impressive titles and photos, because Aliki Vougiouklaki threatens to quit theater. And who is Aliki Vougiouklaki? A girl of National Theater Drama School, who graduated without her certificate writing ‘Excellent’ on it… Look at that!...”
(June 25th, 1955)


“It is obvious that the young actress forgets that Churchill as well, though his grades on lessons were very low, became a big time star!”
(June 25th, 1955)


“As for Astero, our national ‘A.V.’ makes a great effort! Why should France have its own ‘B.B.’ and USA have its own ‘M.M.’? We do have our own ‘A.V.’”.
(Eleni Vlachou, Newspaper Kathimerini, 1959, Note: Eleni Vlachou was the first who ever used the term national star, and established Aliki as Greece’s national star).



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