Aliki Vougiouklaki – The Phenomenon


«Almost everyone related to the theatre called her phenomenon. And some of them mean that this is a phenomenon of no explanation. But the explanation is so easy. She was a talent by nature, and she, like the kindhearted servant of the Gospel, took this talent with great care and cultivated with a restless and creative passion. She was a servant of her art and managed to become a master of the stage; and be on this particular scene of magic and poetry as an indisputable first lady».

(George Roussos, author, this is an extract of his prologue for the celebrating 200 performance of Cabare)



Her fair-sized theatrical production is included in the list below:


1. 1953-54 Kata Fantasian Asthenis, Moliere  (Le Malade Imaginaire)

2. 1953-54 Fouskothalassies,  D. Bogris

3. summer '54 Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare  

4. 1955-56 I Pinakothiki ton Ilithion, N. Tsiforos

5. 1955-56 IthopoiosKean, Al. Doumas

6. 1955-56 Simoun, H. R. Λενορμάν

7. 1956-57 DuoSebastian, H. Lintchaio and R. Krose

8. 1956-57 I Theatrina S. Maugham and G. Bolton

9. καλοκ. '57 The Concert, H. Bar

10. 1957-58 OAgonosKipos, E. Baniolt  

11. 1957-58 To Dihti tis Arahnis,  Agatha Cristi  

12. 1958-59 Oraia mou Kyria (My Fair Lady), George Bernard Shaw

13. 1959-60 TopostaNiata, L. Fodor

14. 1960-61 OPrigipaskaiIChoreutriaT. Roman  

15. 1960-61 Ftoho san spourgiatiki,  L. Fodor

1961-62 Aliki forms her own theatrical company. She goes to a tour to various towns and villages of Greece and Cyprus. Oraia mou Kyria, Topo sta Niata, Peirasmos of Grigorios Xenopoulos, Trelo Kalokairi,  E. Cairclan και Ftoho san spourgiatiki are some of the plays she performed.

16. summer '62 OdosOneiron, Manos Chatzidakis (2 guest appearances)

17. 1962-63 Ceaser and Cleopatra, George Bernard Shaw

18. 1962-63 HtipokardiastoThranio, Alekos Sakelarios

Summer. '63 Tour in Constantinople, Mytilini and Chios with the plays: Oraia mou Kyria, TopostaNiata, Soferina, Peirasmosand FtohosanSpourgiatiki.

19. 1963-64  A Sunday in New York (Mia Kyriaki sti Nea Iorki) , Norman Crasna

20. 1963-64 Peraste tin Proti tou Minos, Is. Beckert και St. Andoryian


Since this period Aliki and Dimitris Papamihail become co-owners of the same theatrical company

21. 1964-65 Kolomb, Z. Anouge

22. 1964-65 Peirasmos, Gr. Xenopoulos

23. 1965-66 OKosmostisSouzyVag, P. Osborn  

24. 1965-66 I Kori mou I Sosialistria, Al. Sakelarios  

25. 1966-67 TouFtohoutoArni, St. Chvaich

26. 1966-67 AhAutiIGynaikamou, N. Tsiforos and P. Vasiliades

27. summer '67 Ziteitai Nea me Proika, Ν. Tsiforos and P. Vasiliades

28. 1967-68 Topo sta Niata, L. Fodor  

29. 1967-68 Glykia mou Brizit, P. Gaveau and R. Sarvey

30. summer ’68 Ziteitai Nea me Proika (in Thessaloniki)

31. 1969-70 Auto pou xerei kathe gynaika, G. Barry

32. 1969-70 Natalie (I Came to Stay), R. Vency and Z. Valmie

33. 1970-71 Epta Hronia Gamou, P. Vasiliades and L. Mihailides


The theatre company of Aliki Vougiouklaki and Dimitris Papamihail has its own theatre scene, the theatre Aliki

34. 1971-72 Vasilissa Amalia G. Roussos  

35. 1972-73 Oi Filakismenoi tis Deuteras Leoforou, N. Simon

36. 1972-73 I Theatrina

37. 1973-74 Oraia mou Kyria  

Dimitris Papamihail opts out from the theatre company and Aliki is the only owner

38. 1974-75 MantoMavrogenous (Prodomenos Laos), G. Roussos

39. 1975-76 Cabiria, N. Simon  

40. Summer '76 Peirasmos 

41. September '76 Aliki goes on tour in Australia with the play To Koritsi me ti Hrisi Kardia  

42. 1976-77 ToNyfikoKrevati,  D. Hardog

43. summer '77 Oraia mou Kiria  

44. Summer. '78 Cabaret, G. Masterof

45. summer '79 Cabiria  

46. 1979-80 Aliki goes on tour to various towns of Greece with the play Nyfiko Krevati  

47. summer '80 Efthimi Hira του Lehar, Leon and Stein

48. 1980-81 Julia, B. Slade

49. 1981-82 Evita, T. Reis and An. L. Weer

50. 1982-83 H Kyria me tis Kamelies, Al. Doumas

51. summer '83 I Efthimi Hira

52. 1983-84 VictorVictoriaR. Sintchel

July '84 Aliki goes on tour with the play NyfikoKrevati  


In the play below Aliki and Dimitris become again owners of the theatrical company

53. 1984-85 Educating Rita, G. Russel  

54. 1986 Lyssistrati  (Epidauros), Aristophanes


In the play below Aliki and Dimitris become again owners of the theatrical company

55. 1986 Filumena Martourano, Ed. de Fillipo  

56. 1986-87 Ligo pio Noris, Ligo pio Arga, P. Beriyie and Z. P. Gredί

57. 1989-90 Shirley Valentine, G. Rassel  

58. 1990 Antigoni  (Epidauros), Sophocles  

59. 1990-91 Sweet Bird of Youth, Tenesse Williams 

60. 1991 I Kyria den me Melei του B. B. Chardou  

61. 1992 Miss Pepsi, P. Brinaeu

62. 1993-94 My Fair Lady  

63. 1994-95 1995-96 The Sound of Music of P. Roger and Os. Hammerstein   


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